I offer online and in-person workshop sessions for adults. Each workshop focuses on a specific topic and information is provided by way of images and discussion. Then, a solution to a specific design challenge is created by each individual through drawings and models.

The online workshops consist of a total of four-hour sessions with additional activities between each session.

The instructor will be available for questions via Basecamp between online and in-person classes. Basecamp will be available for all participants during the sessions at no additional cost.

We will use Google Hangouts for online sessions.

Some of the areas of exploration covered during these class sessions are:

How we live: Adjacency of different building types, relationship of human activities to the organization of towns and cities, circulation patterns and an increased awareness of our built environment.

Cultural values: What is important in different cultures and how it is expressed in built form.

History: How our building types have developed over the centuries and why.

City planning: We will look at layouts of different cities around the world and use those ideas for designing a new town.

Confidence in ideas: Sometimes we lose confidence in ourselves and our ideas. In these sessions, everyone’s ideas have merit and creativity is encouraged.

If you are a parent or guardian of a K-12 student who may be interested in taking a class about architecture, please go to Architecture 101 for Kids and Teens.

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